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Heavenly Silk Crepe de Chine Scarf with Indigo Eco-printed with Chestnut & Peony Leaves


Crepe de Chine printed with beautiful Chestnut, Black Walnut, Peony, Sumac, London Plume & Smokebush leaves.  This lovely scarf has been over-dyed in an all natural Indigo dye.  

This the king of the silk scarf world! This is a heavier silk measuring  – 16.5 mm. By stone (sand) washing this heavier weight of Crepe de Chine, one gets a matte silk with a very soft, luxurious drape and a buttery suede feel. You won’t want to ever remove them from your neck! This is the one that is perfect for the more sophisticated man or woman in your life. One of a kind and original.

How is it made? Eco-printing:
Each beautiful silk scarf is made by hand, with great love and care, using a method called eco-printing. I hand-craft and hand-dye natural silks, with nature’s colors—found flower petals and leaves, vegetables, spices, and natural dyes. Eco-printing is done by placing the dye materials on the silk by hand then bundle dyeing, and each one takes a minimum of 5 hours, across two days, to complete.

Botanicals used:  Black Walnut, Peony & Smokebush (Cotinus) & London Plume leaves.

Size:  14 x 72 inches.

Special Note:  This scarf is one of a kind. The printing process is somewhat unpredictable and always a surprise to unwrap. There are many varied aspects to my scarves and they are somewhat difficult to photograph. Color variations in botanical dyeing is completely normal and are what is so intriguing about the Japanese term “wabi sabi” beauty of plant dyed textiles.

Care instructions: Hand wash in warm water with mild soap and hang to dry. Iron on the lowest setting (silk setting). Do not dry clean. Dry and store in the shade to preserve the natural dyes.

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Tehya is based in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado.  She is an artist who grew up in Sebastopol, California and believes in making unique, sustainable, naturally dyed textiles and botanical prints from trees and plants found in nature.

She comes from a long line of weavers and her family has been using natural dyes for over 50 years. Her mother owned the famous Three Bags Full wool store in San Francisco and her father handmade looms and spinning wheels. Tehya has two children and her husband Steve McIntosh is a thought-leader here in Boulder, Colorado.

 I gather plants and flowers from nature with love here in Boulder, Colorado. Each leaf and flower is then placed on an exotic silk, bundled and printed by means of a steaming method. All my creations are made with completely sustainable natural dyes. Each silk textile I design represents an artistic labor of love.


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