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3rd Eye Activation Nose Oil


A must have health product in the dry winter months!! 

This herb and aromatherapy infused magical oil is called Nasya Oil in Ayurveda.  Nasya is Sanskrit for Nose.  3rd Eye activation oil is a clarifying and soothing oil that will calm heated emotions and bring peace to the mind so you can hear the wisdom of your heart and heal any hidden trauma in the nervous system. It is also wonderful to prevent us from breathing in any foreign substances into the lungs as they will get trapped in the oil. A great way to prevent from getting sick!!

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 Benefits: Nasya oil lubricates and soothes the nasal passages.  It will also bring the mind-balancing herbs and essential oils directly to the brain allowing for clarity of the mind and engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system.  The nose is the direct entrance to the brain and to our cognitive functions; the life force of prana enters through the nose. Prana controls the vital cerebral, sensory, and motor functions of the body. Nasya therapy gives immediate relief to most disorders relating to these functions. including anxiety, depression, sadness and other stress-related emotions and systems.

 This balance allow you to feel calm, collected.

Nasya can also be useful to prevent us from breathing in pollutants, viruses, bacteria, etc. *

To use: place 1-2 drops on your pinky finger and gently massage into nasal passage.  OR, tip your head back and drop one-two drops into each nostril.  Use whenever you need a moment of peace and quiet.


  • Organic Sesame Oil: soothing and grounding

  • Organic Calamus: brain and nervous system rejuvenation, enhances creative spiritual energy, brings clarity and alleviates headaches

  • Organic Brahmi: carries the energy of universal consciousness, soothing to heated emotions and stress.

  • Organic Tulsi: Highly sattvic in nature, it heightens awareness and promotes mental clarity. It is said to open the heart and mind and bestow the energy of love and devotion. Tulsi clears the aura and strengthens faith and compassion (Yoga of Herbs).*

  • Organic Clove- antiseptic and channel opening

  • Organic Rose- enhances bliss and opens the heart

  • Organic Cardamom- cooling and channel opening, allows for herbal properties to absorb into tissues, great too soothe sore throat, excellent for respiratory system and clearing for channels in the head

  • Organic Nutmeg- Calming to the mind, a mild sedative.

.5 oz in a glass dropper bottle

*these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to cure or treat any disease or symptom.


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